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MicroLife Fertilizers

No landscaping project is truly complete without finding the right materials that complement the overall vision. And that’s where Coastal Landscape Supplies comes in. We are Old River Winfree’s most varied provider of bulk landscaping supplies!

Coastal Landscape Supplies believes that creating a better Earth can begin with your next landscaping project. The MicroLife product line features professional-grade organic fertilizers and supplements that allow you to grow a lush garden without harsh chemicals. Our retail center carries MicroLife products for any plant type or concern.


item imageMicroLife Brown Patch 5-1-3Excellent for All Fall/Winter Turfgrass and Ornamental Fertilization

Outstanding for:
  • A Complete Turf Fall/Winter Fertilization
  • Disease Prone Turf and Ornamentals
  • New Turfgrass Installations
Fertilize your yard and fight turf disease at the same time. MicroLife Brown Patch is cheaper and safer to use than a stand-alone chemical fertilizer or chemical fungicide.
item imageMicroLife MultiPurpose 6-2-4Great for All Plants All the Time

Outstanding for:
  • All Turf Grasses
  • All Trees & Shrubs
  • Azaleas, Roses, Perennials
  • Flowers and Vegetables

The one fertilizer that can do it all. You can depend on this product to serve you well for increasing all plant performance. Provides over 100 + nutrients, minerals, vitamins, natural plant hormones, natural plant stimulators, essential sugars/amino acids/carbon/protein and billions of beneficial microbes representing 76 different species.
item imageMicroLife MycorrhizalProbiotics that Accelerate All Plants and Improve All Soils

Outstanding for:
  • Growing Healthier Plants with Bigger Roots
  • Adding Essential Microbes
  • Building Plant Immunity
  • All New and Existing Plants
  • Veggies and Flowers
  • Shrubs and Trees
One stop shop for all of your new and existing planting needs.
item imageMicroLife GranularExcellent for Building Immune System of Lawn and Plant Roots.

Outstanding for:
  • All Flowers, Grasses, Vegetables
  • Building Healthier Roots
  • Improving Soil Dynamics
Uses advanced Microbiology that colonize around the roots. MicroGro is completely safe, inexpensive and provides long term plant protection as the microbes continue to grow in the soil. The Humates further accelerate soil and plant health. MicroGro is not labeled as a fungicide. It is an all organic biological plant root inoculant.
item imageMicroLife Acidifier 6-2-4The Perfect Fertilizer for All Azaleas, Roses, and Acid loving plants.

Outstanding for:
  • Lowering pH
  • Providing Excellent Nutrition to All Plants
  • Turfgrasses
Especially designed for the care and maintenance of Azaleas.

Developed together with the Garden Curator of the Bayou Bend Gardens in Houston, this Acidifier is outstanding nutrition for all plants that want a low pH environment. Contains extra Sulfur (14%) and Humates to bring out the true health and beauty of Azaleas, Roses and Acid Loving Plants.
item imageMicroLife Super SeaweedPlant, Root & Foliar Nutritional Concentrate

Magnificent Plant Health Tonic and Root Stimulator

This is a fast acting liquid nutritional spray to quickly beef your plants up. Spray all plants with it as much as you can to constantly pour the health on. It’s like a super charge tonic for your plants. Plants readily absorb Super Seaweed through their leaves and roots. Plants become stronger with more beautiful color and more resistant to stress, pest insects and diseases. Super Seaweed is also an excellent root stimulator and new plant starter.
item imageMicroLife Ocean Harvest 4-2-3Full Strength Multi-Purpose Organic Fertilizer

The liquid version of our granular MicroLife 6-2-4. Some people call it ‘Lazarus Juice’ because of its restorative powers to plants. Use as a foliar nutritional spray, bio-stimulate, mineralizer, microbial enhancer and as a complete fertilizer. Ocean Harvest is fast acting as it is readily absorbed through the leaves and roots. Plants become stronger with more beautiful color and more resistant to problems of stress, pest insects and disease.
item imageMicroLife MolassesGreat Food for Soil & Leaf Microorganisms

Plant Energy, Microbial Food, Quick Plant Stimulation, Anti Pest Insect.
Molasses is sugar, sugar is carbon and carbon is the building block of all life. We also have learned that Molasses will provide a quick stimulation to plants when applied during their growing season. It appears to work like this; plants use the sun for their photosynthesis process which makes their plant food (sugar). Molasses is a way to directly apply sugar to the plants which they absorb through their leaves and roots. And as the sugar level is increased you see less pest insect problems. This is particularly effective for fighting sucking pest insects.
item imageMicroLife Citrus & FruitMost complete nutrition of any fertilizer made, improves all plants and soils, Feeds the indigenous soil microbes and adds billions more, provides essential elements for water conservation, provides over 100+ minerals, vitamins, natural plant hormones/stimulators. It is so important to grow your food all organic. All the awesome minerals in MicroLife get transferred to your fruit, so when you eat MicroLife grown food, you get those critical minerals back.
item imageMicroLife Palms and TropicalFantastic Food for All Palms, Tropicals & Hibiscus Plants

We have got your Palms, Tropicals, and Hibiscus nutritional needs completely covered with this thoroughly expansive and dynamic granular slow-release Organic fertilizer. You are set for success. Fortified with extra Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, vast array of trace minerals, and Billions of Beneficial microorganisms.
item imageMicrolife SucculentExceptional Liquid Organic Fertilizer For All Cacti & Succulents

MicroLife Cactus & Succulent 3-7-3 liquid concentrated Organic fertilizer is carefully researched and designed to bring out the best in our little friends. All the bases are covered here to properly feed your awesome cacti & succulents and to support the wonderful microbial soil community.
item imageMicroLife UltmateMicroLife Ultimate 8-4-6 is the most powerful, most nutritional fertilizer possible, yet will not burn. Along with a powerful NPK punch, we add special bio-inoculants (11 different species of Mycorrhizal), 100 + minerals/plant stimulants, and extra rock minerals. Microlife Ultimate is awesome for all new bed preps, new plant starts, and for top-dressing existing landscape plants.
item imageMicrolife Humates Plus ALL ORGANIC BIOLOGICAL FERTILIZER

MicroLife Humates Plus is a tremendous, inexpensive soil improver and plant nutritional booster. Extensively used on turfgrass areas and excellent for reducing water use. It revitalizes soils and reduces weed problems. MicroLife Humates Plus is a very well-crafted, totally unique, biological, and physical soil conditioner. Plus, it greens plants quickly. It improves soils and plants as compost does.

All MicroLife Products are Professional Grade, All Organic,Chemical Free, 100% Slow Release, will not burn.