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Bulk Landscaping Materials

No landscaping project is truly complete without finding the right materials that complement the overall vision. And that’s where Coastal Landscape Supplies comes in. We are Old River Winfree’s most varied supplier of bulk landscaping materials!

Whether you need high-quality mulch to conserve moisture and reduce weed growth in a flower bed or natural rocks to line your pathways, shopping from our range of bulk materials is simple with our customer-focused team. We’ll match you with the best materials for your budget and vision.

Plus, our next-level service goes beyond the moment when you make a purchase. With two truck sizes available, we offer delivery directly to your job site. Our truck drivers are as friendly as the rest of our team and always ensure that you’re set up for success before leaving.


Sold by yard or half yard

item imageBlack Mulch
item imageRed Mulch
item imageBrown Mulch
item imageNatural Mulch


Sold by yard or half yard

item imageGarden Mix3-Way Mix soil blend of organic humus, sandy loam, and compost.
item imagePremium CompostUses sawdust as the carbon source and raw mushroom compost as the nitrogen source.


Sold by yard or half yard

item imageTop Soil


Sold by yard or half yard

item imageBank SandRegular Sand
item imageSelect Sand 60/4060% Clay & 40% Sand
item imageMortar Sand
item imageTorpedo Sand


Sold by yard or half yard

item imageLimestone Rock
item imageCrushed Concrete
item imageGreat for pathways!
item imageDecomposed Granite
item imagePea Gravel
item imageRock Accents
item imageRiver/Bull Rock 3" to 5"
item imageRiver/Bull Rock 2" to 3"

Rock Pallets

Sold by pound

item imageFlagstone
item imageFlagstone
item imageMoss Rock
item imageMexican Beach Pebbles Mix
item imageMexican Beach Pebbles Red & Black Mix